Saxon Asiago Fresca

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5.30 Ounces

Asiago Fresca shares a mild, pleasing taste. It is a young cheese with delicate, smooth open texture, presenting a fresh, creamy milk flavor with a slight citrusy tang. 

With a creamy, smooth texture, Asiago Fresca is a perfect melting cheese. Place chunks on pizza, stir into pasta dishes, or serve it as an appetizer - its versatility enhances a wide variety of dishes. 

We enjoy Asiago Fresca with Cabernet Sauvignon - the wine's black fruit, oak and herb tones complement the cheese well. Also try with Shiraz - its plum and peppery tones play well against Asiago's creamy texture. 

Behind the scenes, Asiago Fresca is handcrafted in the vat, gently pressed, and placed in brine tanks. Over 4-6 weeks, the cheese wheels are rotated through three different aging cellars to develop its special flavors.